William W. Klein, Ph.D. – Professor, Denver Seminary – Denver, CO

klein.jpg“A danger for all people and particularly for us in the West is to become preoccupied with our own interests, needs, and concerns. Sadly, Christians too easily fall into life according to this selfish norm. ServLife helps believers break out of this self-centered individualism. It has emerged as an organization that God is using to spread the message of Christ’s kingdom by meeting people’s needs in ways that are truly good news. While serving the poor and providing for their needs is important and an essential product of our love for God and people, presenting the message that alleviates spiritual poverty is of paramount importance. ServLife keeps both priorities in balance as it works among the neediest in our world. As such, it gives Christians and congregations an avenue to demonstrate Jesus’ concern for the entire world to be involved globally in meeting desperate needs throughout the world.”

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