Watch New Film on ServLife Hope Fund – Our approach to End Global Poverty

A new short video explains the ServLife Hope Fund and the way we are helping people stand on their own and escape the cycles of poverty and hunger. View Short Film

The ServLife Hope Fund is our micro-enterprise initiative for the unemployed and under-employed of the world who suffers from hunger, poverty and malnutrition. We believe that the vicious cycles of hunger and poverty can be broken with just a small loan offered to help start a new business. Whether it’s five pigs, twenty chickens, a gas motor, fishing nets, or a sewing machine, billions on our planet cannot access loans for small business start up costs. The cost for an average loan from the SERVLIFE HOPE FUND ranges in amounts from $100 to $1,000 depending on the regions where ServLife works.  Read more how the ServLife Hope Fund works

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