A Vision of Hope

Durga ShahiDurga lost sight in one eye when she was young, but she refuses to live in the darkness of poverty. While Durga’s mother cares for their family of seven and her father travels between Nepal and India as a day laborer, Durga is thrilled to be able to study and get an education. She rides her bike a full hour away from home to get to her boarding school.

Without the help of sponsorship through ServLife, Durga would most likely be working as a shepherd in her home village. Her family owns no land in a region ruled by agriculture, and therefore neither of Durga’s parents received an education. With their minimal income they could not afford to send their children to school. Now however, thanks to a ServLife educational sponsorship, Durga is thriving and studying in ninth grade. She loves studying science and achieves high grades in all her classes.

Durga is committed to creating a better future for herself and her family- breaking the cycle of generational poverty. Despite having lost some of her vision she sees clearly that the love of Jesus has transformed her life, and she hopes to share this vision of hope with others as she grows up. You can help a child like Durga see the love of Christ and dream of a brighter future. Learn more about child sponsorship and the impact it makes at http://servlife.org/sponsorachild/.

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