The Untouchable Pastor

DSC07181 copyIn a remote village in the Himalayan foothills of far western Nepal, donkeys are the only means to transport goods into the area. The residents lack sources of income and many struggle to make ends meet. Often, families’ primary earners go to India for work. Women collect and sell stone from the mountainside to meet their families’ daily needs. The area’s predominant religion is Hinduism, and the region has a long history of enslaving Dalit caste members, also called “untouchables.” Even today Dalit people are forced to eat outside of restaurants and wash their own plates and cups before leaving.

This is the background against which Pastor Madan has chosen to start his church.

Madan’s congregation has faced exclusion from their local community upon conversion to Christianity. They were even threatened with being banned from local food and water sources. This oppression, however, has not stalled the growth that is taking place. In two years of service in this village, Pastor Madan has baptized more than 70 people in his church. This ministry is reaching the hearts of the local people. 98% of Pastor Madan’s church members were born into the Dalit caste, as was Madan himself. The acceptance Christ offers is transforming their society.

Over 100 people gathered on the 24th of May to celebrate Pastor Madan’s ordination to leadership of his church. The congregation has grown too large for its building and is prayerfully awaiting a new church to be constructed on land of their own. They still have a ways to go before they are able to purchase the land, but it is clear that God is blessing their faithful walk with him. Pastor Madan is certain that God will continue to grow his church and transform lives in tangible ways.

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Madan and Village

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