Uma’s Hope

In the far east region of Nepal, Uma and her husband, her parents, and their two daughters have tried to make a living by being pig farmers. They deliver, raise piglets, and sell some for meat, but this work has only provided a sporadic income that has kept them in the grips of poverty.

When Pastor Samuel came to their town and told them about the microfinance loans through ServLife, Uma was intrigued. It sounded too good to be true, “Most loan programs take lots of time and paperwork to apply for, have a high-interest rate, and are difficult to get,” but this program sounded different. She decided that applying for the loan could be the answer they were looking for.

They received their loan and immediately opened a storefront where Uma can work when it fits her schedule. She is able to be home with her children and parents when they need her and she can open the store with flexibility. “As a housewife and mother, it is convenient for me to open the shop whenever I want.” The store also provides opportunities for immediate income. “We are taking some of our profit to reinvest in the business, and the rest helps pay for food and education for our two children.”

Uma is hoping to offer more products in the future and expand the store to be even larger, but for now, they are grateful for the difference the income has made for their family.

For $50 a month you can provide a loan to someone like Uma. This includes training in how to start a business and repay the loan.