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IMG_4701In July, a team from Indiana journeyed around the world to Nepal with ServLife to lead a teachers’ training conference. The team, made up of Erica Sahm, Ruth Moll and Steven Moll, led three conferences for teachers in west Nepal.

Teachers from all over west Nepal came to learn about Bloom’s Taxonomy, a foundational concept in teaching. Erica Sahm summed up the goal of the conference, “We were teaching the teachers to push the critical thinking level and problem solving level of the children.” Erica and Ruth, both teachers in Indiana, led informational sessions on Bloom’s Taxonomy, role-playing activities using the concepts and small groups focused on lesson planning.

The teachers, hungry to learn, pushed into other areas as well. “Sometimes the conversation would go away from Bloom’s Taxonomy,” Ruth noted, “and we got to dive into some stuff like classroom management and punishment systems, which I think was really helpful for the teachers.”

The conference, which was born out of the teachers’ desire for increased training, was the first of its kind led by ServLife. Positive feedback from attending teachers ensures that the conference will be an annual event.  “The teachers really want us to come back and focus on child psychology,” Erica noted. “They want to know a lot about classroom management. They want to know a lot about little techniques we use in the classroom.”

While ServLife’s team made a significant impact on the teachers in attendance, they were equally impacted by the experience. “We came here to serve these people,” Steven said, “but I feel like I’ve been served in so many ways.”

Want to hear more about how the trip changed the team members’ lives? Check ServLife’s blog next week as Erica shares how she experienced God in new and amazing ways in Nepal.



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