Sirjana Rescued out of Slavery in Nepal

sirjana.jpgSirjana’s mother died from bleeding and had no money to go to the hospital. She is from the western part of Nepal. Her father was reported to have fallen down from a tree in an attempt to hide from local Maoists rebels, at least this is what the police report says. However, it is believed that he was murdered by the Maoists.

Sirjana’s home village is about a 21 hour bus ride from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Sirjana was working as a child slave after loosing both of her parents. She was taken out of the harsh working conditions and now lives at ServLife’s home in Kathmandu. Sirjana has never been to school but is now enrolled and getting an education and more importantly she is getting the love that every child needs. Please pray for Sirjana and the 45 plus children ServLife cares for on a full time basis.

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