ServLife Indian Mission Worker Kidnapped and Buried Alive for 3 Days and Survives


ServLife currently has 75 Indian missionary workers who are working in six Indian states to start a church in their community and share the love of Christ. They all undergo a year of training in northern India before returning back to their home village. One of these workers, Zachariah, is from Chhattisgarh state, and finished his training at the Servlife Leadership Institute in 2008.

In an effort to stop the work of the gospel, Zachariah was kidnapped on August 20, 2010 by an extremist group who proceeded to bury his entire body, leaving only his head exposed above ground. For three days he suffered beatings to the head, and received no food or water. The fact that he lived is a miracle.

“We will kill you and your family unless you tell us why you are Christian and how you support yourself in the work you do,” demanded the rebels.

Zachariah prayed during these three days and did not give the rebels the information they wanted. This anti-government group, known as Naxal rebels, are extremely anti-Christian and do not want any indigenous people to be Christian or form community churches. His small church of twenty people came together for these three days and fasted. They gathered every morning and evening and pleaded with God on behalf of their pastor’s life.

After three days, Zachariah was released to be reunited with his wife and three children. ServLife still supports Zachariah and his work is foundational to our vision. Please pray for Zachariah and their entire church, Calvary Pourisia Ayapally Church.

Joel Vestal reflects, “After just coming back from India and hearing this story, I was really deeply moved. The courage of Zachariah and the faithful prayers of God’s people in India are an inspiration to me and should be to all of us who desire to live a life of faith. Religious freedom is something we take for granted in the west.”

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SOURCE:  ServLife News, August 2010

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