ServLife Hope Fund Aiding Tsunami Survivor in Thailand

A long-time restaurant owner, Pronthep knows what it takes to be successful. This son of a rubber tree farmer and member of Hope of Takaupa Church lived in Ban Sak, a small village just south of Ban Nam Kem prior to the 2005 tsunami. But when the great wall of water hit, Pronthep’s near seashore home and restaurant were demolished. Not one to give up, this entrepreneur rented a house along the main highway then opened a thatched roof restaurant with what little money he had left. Months later, he used his property ownership rights to acquire a new house from Rotary International in a village going up just south of Takaupa. As the house was being constructed, an idea came to Pronthep. With a move-in date of June 2006, he approached ServLife for a loan through the ServLife Hope Fund that would let him build an addition onto his new home – for a restaurant! His vision became a reality and with the ServLife Hope Fund, this tsunami survivor will continue rebuilding his life.

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