ServLife 1,000 – Our 5 year Vision for Transformation

In his excellent book, Visionary Leadership, Burt Nanus defines vision as

“a realistic, credible, attractive future for your organization¦an articulation of a destination toward which your organization should aim, a future that’s better, more successful, or more desirable for your organization than is the present.” Nanus contends that the right vision “is an idea so energizing that it in effect jump-starts the future by calling forth the skills, talents, and resources to make it happen.”

Long before Nanus, our Lord Jesus consistently cast an energizing vision of God’s coming kingdom. Time and again, Christ described the character and conduct that would define citizens of that kingdom. And His vision was so compelling those twelve ordinary men left everything they knew to follow his lead. It was so riveting thousands of others were swept into the tide of this otherworldly good news. In just over three years, Jesus had launched a movement that has spanned twenty centuries and transformed billions of lives, a movement that continues to impact my life and our world today.

We have launched ServLife 1,000 as a means to define some specific goals of our mission work. What we are doing is not new but merely a continuation of our existing work we have carried out since 1992. ServLife 1,000 is our five year vision to:

What is ServLife 1,000?

  • 1,000 indigenous leaders trained to minister to their own people
  • 1,000 children sponsored in education and care
  • 1,000 new businesses started through the ServLife Hope Fund to empower people out of poverty

When will we accomplish this goal?

Our aim is to reach this goal by the year 2013. We do foresee this possibly changing and consequently the need to adapt. We will continually monitor the progress of ServLife 1000 and determine where adjustments need to be made and remain in communication with donors of ServLife 1000 about our progress.

Where in the world will this happen?

ServLife 1,000 is a vision for the next stage of growth of ServLife International. It is a continuation of our global mission work and a means to define the direction and specific tangible goals we wish to continue to accomplish. We currently work in teams that serve the following regions around the world: India, Nepal, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Sudan, Bangladesh, and Thailand. As God leads to the addition of new staff, we could possibly move into new regions of the world.

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