main_16IMG_0542Paul and Grace Moses began their mission to care for children in the wake of the personal tragedy of losing their daughter, Sangita. Through that pain and grief, they found their calling to alleviate the suffering of young, poor children around the world, children suffering for no reason except having been born in the wrong place. Their dream was to reach out to those children in need. Paul and Grace's compassion has become focused on the children's home they run for the homeless and helpless. Sangita Charitable Trust is a Christian orphanage near Chennai, India which cares for any child who needs home, food, love, and education irregardless of caste, religion and denomination. Started in 1997 in memory of Paul and Grace Moses' daughter who passed away in 1991. This organization at present cares for 95 children. The children are from the ages 2 to 18 both boys and girls. ServLife International operates as the Fiscal Agent for donations to Sangita Charitable Trust.

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