Sabina, Saved from Begging on the Streets and Thriving in ServLife’s Children Home in India


Sabina came to ServLife’s Arunoday Children’s Home in North India with her older brother, from Simra, a small town in Nepal. Typical of most the children at the home, she was born into a Hindu family. Her father died and her mother ran away with another man, leaving her alone with her brother who is just two years older. Until they were brought to ServLife’s Children Home, they begged for money and lived as street children. Through a relationship with a teacher at a local school, they were brought to the children’s home on July 1, 2002. Sabina was so impressed by some US nurses who came to visit in October 2003 that she proclaimed that she would like to be a doctor when she grows up. With a smile like that, you can guarantee she will have a warm bedside manner.

Prayer Requests:

  • For her health, that her body be able to fight off disease and other ailments.
  • For her relationship with Christ, that through the work of ServLife, Christ will become undeniably real.
  • For her future and for those whom her stories will impact.
  • For her studies, that she will excel in her classes and be better equipped for her future.

Sabina and other children that have been brought to ServLife’s Children’s Homes in India and Nepal are supported through our sponsorship program.

Learn more about ServLife’s Children Sponsorship Program and how you can get involved

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