Protection & Provision – ServLife’s Home for Children in Bihar, India

In an area of the world where children risk being pulled into forced labor or the sex trade, ServLife is seeking to provide young children with hope and a future. ServLife operates a home for children in Bihar, India, one of the poorest areas of the country, where it’s hard for most kids to find a good meal, let alone a good education.

Camillus is the daughter of ServLife’s director in India and works with the children at the orphanage every day. With over twenty children in her care, there is never a “normal” day! But Camillus was able to share about how she manages the day-to-day operations at the home. She says that most days begin with “the kids waking up in the morning, having breakfast, getting ready for school, then they are in school all afternoon.” The day continues with lunch, Camillus says, after which the kids “can sleep in the noon if they want to, have play time in the evening, study time after that, then dinner.

When asked what the biggest need of the children at the orphanage might be, Camillus responds, “I would say that the biggest need of the children would be to have a playground where they could play freely.” She hopes that dream will come true soon. In the meantime, she perseveres in raising the children, providing the love and provision that many have never experienced.

To support ServLife’s efforts with the children at the Bihar-based orphanage, donate online today.
(Posted: April 3, 2009)

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