Prit & Vanich Thepnoun are able to stand on their own in Thailand


Just south of Takuapa,Thailand in a small, poor fishing village live Prit & Anne. Survivors of the 2005 tsunami, this couple resides in a temporary bamboo house with just one tiny room. Waiting for the right time to build a permanent home, Prit has scavenged through materials left from tsunami emergency shelters and collected them for his and Anne’s future home.Members of Hope of Takaupa, the church ServLife partnered with for much of its tsunami relief efforts, this couple received a ServLife Hope Fund loan that will help build a house just across from Anne’s parents.* The loan will also let Anne and Prit build their own gachang, a floating fish farm. And since the pair has fished since childhood, they’ll be able to continue their crab fishing enterprise while realizing new potentials as small business owners.

*Anne’s parents were recipients of a ServLife grant that allowed them to rebuild their fishing nets.

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