President of Partners in Ministry, Bill Blackburn, Shares on Joel’s Book Dangerous Faith

Churches are either focused on mission or maintenance. That is an oft-repeated observation. Mission is the biblical mission of the church, and maintenance is just continually doing the things that keep the people there. Some say the percentage is 80/20, with the 20 percent focused on mission. Others say that percentage is optimistic.

Joel Vestal’s book, Dangerous Faith, is dangerous and disturbing. Vestal claims Christians are actually supposed to follow Jesus in evangelism, discipleship, life transformation, caring for the needy and social justice. And discipleship should even include our finances.

Vestal, still a young man, has traveled the world as something of a Johnny Appleseed being used of God to sow seeds of hope, challenge, resources and partnerships. This book is rich with examples from those countries and encounters with some amazing Christians.

No, this is not just a book about overseas missions. It is about getting a missionary heart. As Rick Warren notes: You don’t become a missionary by crossing the sea. You become a missionary by seeing the cross.

Very few can live the life of Joel Vestal. But the principles in this book can transform our lives, our churches and our communities. And perhaps we can change that ratio to 80/20 or better.

Bill Blackburn,
Founder and President of Partners in Ministry


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