Persevering Faith

IMG_6825 2Daya was never supposed to become a pastor… or at least that’s what some of his friends and family would tell you. Born into a Hindu family, Daya was raised and educated to be a teacher. He got a bachelor’s degree in education and got married to a nice young lady. Everything seemed to be on track. However five years passed and Daya and his wife were unable to have a baby.

“I was so depressed about that,” Daya shares, “but then I met a Christian man who shared the gospel with me. He told me, ‘All things are possible through Jesus. If you believe in Him, He will bless your life.’ I instantly believed and gave my heart to Christ. Miraculously, one month later we found out we were going to have a baby.”

Overjoyed, Daya started attending church in his village. The congregation continued to share God’s Word with him, and it touched Daya’s heart. “When I heard Matthew 28 talking about growing God’s Kingdom I knew I wanted to work as a leader and as a pastor,” Daya says, but there were still challenges to be faced.

“I went to ServLife for training to start my own church,” Daya explains.IMG_6839RGB “But my relatives and friends often told me I should go into a different profession. They said I was not using my degree in education. Even my old church wanted me to become an administrator instead of a pastor, but I wanted to follow God’s calling in my heart to expand His kingdom. I chose not to listen to them because I think God is using me for his plan in this area.”

God is growing the church and working among the people in Pastor Daya’s area. “When we started this church,” he shares, “there was one lady whose kidneys were failing. The doctor had said this lady would not live more than a month, that she was going to die, but we prayed for her and God heard our prayers. She was healed by God and now she is living a very healthy life. She even helps me run the church.”

Thanks to his perseverance in following God’s call on his life, Pastor Daya is effectively building the Kingdom of God in his own corner of Nepal. He and his community are healing bodies and saving souls.


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