This is a critical time in the life and growth of the church in India and Nepal. Oppression from fundamentalist groups and new laws have created significant challenges and multiple arrests. And yet, like in the book of Acts, in the midst of opposition, God’s church is growing. Pastor Madan was arrested and held in jail for sharing the Gospel. A month after his release he built a friendship with one of the police officers that arrested him, and the officer became a Christian! Two months ago fourteen pastoral students graduated from ServLife’s training program and are now in villages starting and pastoring young churches, and facing opposition every day. We continue to support these pastors through monthly coaching, regional conferences, and an annual pastors’ conference. Every year at the conference I have a few pastors confess that they have considered quitting the ministry because it is so hard. But the time at the conference infused life, encouragement, and contagious passion to continue the work. As Pastor Bhim shared with me, “I came to this conference discouraged and sad. But I have a new boldness and courage now. It’s like my batteries have been charged.” From March 19-21, ServLife International will conduct our annual Pastors’ Conference in Nepal. $155 will send a pastor and their spouse to the conference, including travel, lodging, food, everything. The total cost of the conference will be $15,500. Please pray for safety over all participants, and consider making a donation here. Thank you for your support!