Over the last year, while tourism and businesses shut down in Nepal, God’s church has continued to grow. As we shared recently on our blog (servlife.org/blog/), God healed Kama’s ailing heart. She got baptized and now brings friends to visit her church, eager to share her story. “God healed me and gave me new life and a new way of living.” We also shared Binu’s story of her father being at death’s door. They had taken him to the finest hospitals, went to witch doctors, fortune tellers, and even sacrificed animals to idols for his health, but his kidney failure was about to take his life. With the funeral already planned, Binu and her pastor prayed for 24 hours, and her father was healed. Since being healed, he has gotten rid of all of his idols, started attending church, and was recently baptized.

These are only two of the many stories of God’s relentless pursuit to show His healing power and love to people in Nepal. And God’s pastors are working hard. They have fed the poor, traveled for days to pray for the sick, and spend hours in prayer every day. Some have faced persecution and financial hardship. Some have shut down their church services, not knowing when they would be able to resume. Some are invigorated and excited about how God has been working in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. And some are tired, weary, and considering quitting the ministry. 

Every year, ServLife provides a three-day conference for these pastors on the front lines of sharing the Gospel. The purpose is to bring rest, restoration, and renewal. There is incredible teaching from international speakers, but more importantly, there is margin for rest and relationship. They get to visit with friends from their pastor training graduating class. They are prayed for, encouraged, and loved. 

A few years ago Pastor Bhim shared how he had been feeling tired, defeated, and was planning to quit pastoring. But after the conference, he was feeling invigorated and recharged. He was ready to go back, and had passion and excitement again. Bhim’s story is a common one, and the reason we do this conference every year.

On March 8-10, we are expecting 150 pastors to attend our annual conference near Kathmandu. This year the pastors’ conference theme is Fathered by God, and we will be focusing on God’s love, path, and mission for our lives. W would love your support for this conference in prayer and funding.

$155 will send a pastor to the conference, including travel, lodging, food, everything. The total cost of the conference is $20,150.

Please make a gift today!

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