Pastor Training 2023

At the end of 2023, fourteen pastor training students graduated from the ServLife training school in Nepal. As the Gospel spreads throughout Nepal, Director Bekharaj explains that we need more trained pastors. “The believers are growing in the church. We need a more trained leader. So in this training school, we train leaders, and we equip them, and we send them out.”

The training includes many aspects of pastoring, including preaching, Old Testament and New Testament Surveys, evangelism, sound theology and doctrines, marriage counseling, conflicts in the church, and much more. Teachers come from all over Nepal and nearby countries to invest in the new leaders preparing to serve in remote villages.

The pastors will face many challenges, including persecution from Hindu Fundamentalists and internal division within the church. Bekharaj shares, “Planting the church, shepherding the flock…is not easy. There are a lot of challenges. Pray that…they can trust in the Lord, in all circumstances.”

As they begin pastoring their churches at the beginning of 2024, Bekharaj is confident in their calling and leadership. “Jesus has called them, and he has a plan for them. They will continue serving people, and loving people, sharing the Gospel, and making disciples.”