One Year Later

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Exactly one year ago we awoke to the news that a terrible earthquake had struck the heart of Nepal. Immediately upon hearing the news ServLife responded. Within days food was being delivered to families affected by the quake. Soon after, tarps and other vital supplies were on their way.

In the days and weeks following the disaster, the stories of death, destruction and displacement continued to mount. All the while ServLife was there providing food, water, shelter, encouragement and prayer. You helped provide relief for more than 4,000 people, bringing semi-permanent shelters to two villages and restoring hope to the people of Nepal.

As we mark the first anniversary of the earthquake I recall working with Udaya and his team to deliver food to 150 families in the Sindhupalchok District and working with Lazarus’ staff to select the shelters that would house every family in Bhuji. I’ll never forget walking the streets of villages reduced to rubble and comforting our pastors and their people now living under tarps.

This March we celebrated the ribbon cutting marking the opening of our new pastor training center in Kathmandu built to replace the building that was badly damaged by the quake. Adam and I were privileged to celebrate this event with our local staff and many of our Nepali pastors. We were also blessed to see some of the long term shelters you provided to families in Jhor, just north of Kathmandu.

Thanks to you ServLife has made a great start down a very long road. The recovery in Nepal will take decades and we’re committed to standing shoulder to shoulder with our pastors and families as they rebuild homes, churches and whole villages. I can’t thank you enough for your generosity.

Please keep the people of Nepal in your prayers.

Photos of ServLife Relief Efforts

Sabita Khadka
The ribbon cutting at ServLife's rebuilt pastor training school.

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