Not the Typical Home Show – Impacting Lives through ServLife Store House Parties


Instead of Mary Kay cosmetics, Silpada jewelry, or Pampered Chef products, a colorful array of uniquely designed jewelry, candles, purses, paper products, body lotions, pillow covers, and clothing items lined the tables in Jessica Thorne’s living room. The products were from the ServLife Store, and had been designed by skilled artisans living in countries around the world, including Cambodia, India, Nepal, and Thailand.

“I took a trip to Nepal through ServLife in November ’07,” Jessica recalls. “When I was there, I had the opportunity to visit several of the ministries whose products are sold in the ServLife Store. It was incredible to see how God is moving and changing lives in Nepal because of these ministries. I knew when I came back to the states I wanted to support them in any way that I could.”

The products in the ServLife Store are created by artists whose lives have been marred by poverty and even slavery. Former prostitutes, women who have been rescued from the trap of sexual slavery and extreme poverty, are learning the skills to sustain themselves and their families through creatively designed products which are sold in the United States. For these women, selling their products through ServLife ensures that they are adequately compensated for their work, and not taken advantage of.

After her return from Nepal, Jessica started to volunteer to help with setting up the ServLife Store at her church. “I saw what a great response it got, and thought it might be fun to give my friends and family outside of church an opportunity to buy products as well,” she says.

So how did she get the idea to do a home party? “I wanted the chance to not only continue supporting the ministries in Nepal (and other countries) by selling products, but also have the opportunity to introduce ServLife to the people in my life who might not hear about it in any other way,” Jessica says. “It was a chance to spread awareness and allow people to buy unique Christmas gifts that they might not find in other places. Personally, I have found that giving a gift from the ServLife Store is great, because you are supporting a ministry while giving an amazing gift!”

The response to Jessica”s house party was heartening. “Some of the people who came were already familiar with ServLife and were excited to come because they knew how great the products are!” she said. “Others who came were introduced to ServLife for the first time. It was neat to be able to share with them what I experienced in Nepal and how the purchasing of these products really does make a difference in the lives of the people there. It felt great to support such a wonderful ministry and get all my Christmas shopping done in one evening!”

Jessica says that holding a ServLife Store house party isn’t complicated,” in fact, she says it was “very easy!” The process was streamlined. “I sent out an email to all my friends and family with an invitation flier attached describing the Home Party and a little about ServLife. The only other preparations I had to do were making a few snacks and picking up the products from ServLife. I set out the products on a few tables in my living room as well as some information for people to read. The actual sales were a breeze, too. It was a great experience!”

How do you host a ServLife Home Show Party? Download the Instructions Here

If you are interested in holding a ServLife Store House Party, contact us today to receive a packet that will help you get started. You can learn more about the ServLife Store on our Web site.

(Posted: March 9, 2009)

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