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10387207_10152708816385101_3083512331522510856_nJune 2019 Update

After 14 years in Cape Town, we're moving to Washington, DC, to become a Foreign Service Officer with the US State Department.
Your investments in our ministry over the past 14 years have made eternal impacts in the lives of countless families and individuals that you will never meet. Your generosity and support, both financially and emotionally, over the past 14 years have made an eternal impact in our family. We are beyond grateful and our thanks for you goes beyond any ability to convey that gratitude with words. Know that you are loved and appreciated by our family.
We will stop accepting gifts made through ServLife at the end of June, so if you have set up recurring donations, any amounts received after the end of June will be used by ServLife to support their work around the world.

The Nicholsons

Steven Nicholson is the director of Arise. With a background in church planting and community development, Steven provides leadership and vision to the organization.

About Arise

At Arise we believe that every child is created to be a part of a thriving family. Compelled by this conviction, we dream of seeing every children’s home emptied and kept empty. From our family centre in Heideveld on the Cape Flats, we encourage adoption and foster care across the greater Cape Town area on behalf of children who are living in institutional care, and we serve families in resource-poor communities with psychosocial, educational and spiritual support. ServLife International operates as the Fiscal Agent for donations to Steven and Amy Nicholson.