Nepali Women Come Together for First ServLife Women’s Conference in Nepal

We had only planned for 150 women to come, but over 200 Nepali women gathered at the first ServLife Women’s Conference in Kathmandu, Nepal, from September 13-16. It was a glorious scene of women singing, praying, eating, enjoying each other, and studying the Bible together.

Women came from all over Nepal through the churches that ServLife has started through the Training Institute. Women came from western and eastern Nepal, and some traveled three or four days by bus to reach this conference. Indeed, it was a monumental moment for their faith journey of following Christ. The conference took place during the Hindu Teej festival, which is a festival for Hindu women.

A five-member team from Indianapolis went to serve the women at the conference. They shared their testimony, served food to the women, and led in a foot washing ceremony to demonstrate servanthood.

ServLife staff member Lazarus Thulung said, “It was indeed a very transformational women conference in the history of Nepal. Many were filled with tears of joy at the end. God touched Nepali women through you and team. There are no words to explain the impact of this conference. Let’s hope that our time together may bring changes in every home and in the churches of Nepal that came.”

As in many regions of the world women are left voiceless and powerless in their home and community. ServLife seeks to encourage and empower women in the world through the churches we start in the nation.

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