Nepal Training School Graduates First Class of Church Planters

On May 31, ServLife’s training school in Kathmandu, Nepal, graduated it’s first class of ten students. All of the graduates are now working in remote villages in Nepal. Lazarus Thulung, who leads the training school, was excited about the graduation. “I am sure that the training has helped them to focus on reaching out to the unreached people, those who have not heard the Gospel yet,” said Thulung. “They all are going to start churches in these places. It will be great to allow these men to be the local contacts in their villages to be able to do ministry within their village.” The training school starts back up on July 9 to begin training another group of Nepali workers. The training lasts six months. Pray that the Lord will continue to send visionary men from different parts of Nepal. Each of these men need sponsors and it is only $25 per month to sponsor. Please click here to sponsor someone to share Christ with their own people.

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