Meet ServLife's new coordinator for work among Sudan Refugees

Bokassa Moses VuniServLife International is welcoming a new member to our global family by partnering with Bokassa Moses Vuni as our new coordinator for Sudan/Uganda! Moses’ story is an amazing journey of faith and grace, and we are looking forward to working together with Moses for God’s Kingdom in Sudan.

Moses was born in South Sudan, but because of war in his homeland he was forced to move with his mother and father to Uganda at a very young age. He first gave his life to Christ there and began to be discipled by the Church in Uganda. When fighting broke out in Uganda in 1980, Moses moved with his father back to South Sudan where he continued his education and discipleship training.

Moses was a leader in school and in athletics, and was targeted by the Northern Sudanese government because of his leadership, charisma, and influence over his peers. The Sudanese military was at that time stationed inside the school with orders to identify young leaders and train them to be agents for the North. He was taken away by the military in 1986 and was trained with other young men from the South at a military compound in Juba. During the next several years he was trained in Arabic, the Koran, and Islamic culture with the intention of sending him back to the South and converting his friends and communities to the side of the North in the civil war. However, Moses refused to convert to Islam and while he learned much about the Koran and the Arab culture, he used this knowledge to preach to the Arabs and the other people he encountered. In Juba, South Sudan, Moses was married to his childhood sweetheart and before his first imprisonment, he and his wife celebrated the birth of their firstborn child.

Soon, he was imprisoned in Juba by the Sudanese military. He was tortured and beaten for just over six months and was promised his freedom if he would renounce Christ and obey the orders of the military. While captive, over 50 other people in the same prison were killed by the government, but Moses was unexplainably and miraculously released and sent to Khartoum. His wife and child were allowed to come with him, and from Khartoum he was sent by the military to hot spots around the country during the war to convince fellow Southerners to join the side of the government. Instead, he used these times to seek out the churches in the places he was sent and spent his time preaching and reviving the churches. Finally, in 1997, he left the military against orders and went underground in Khartoum.

In Khartoum, Moses continued preaching the Gospel and was active in starting churches, but eventually he was again discovered by the military and his movements and activities were monitored. In late 2003, he was again forced to flee to Uganda. Unfortunately, because of the high costs involved, his family was not able to move with him. By this time, Moses and his wife had six children.

Moses began working informally with ServLife in Uganda during the past few years and has remained active in ministry to churches and Sudanese refugees. It is a great honor and joy to welcome Moses formally into our family as our Sudan/Uganda coordinator!

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