Meet Dibye Chaudhary

Dibye’s father works as a laborer making $4,000 Nepal Rupees, about $50 USD, per year which is barely enough to pay rent and purchase food. Dibye’s father is uneducated, but wants to give his children the chance to go to school and earn an education.

Sponsoring a child through ServLife is an effective way to see God’s love made known in some of the darkest corners of the globe.

ServLife’s approach is one that is driven by relationship. We believe that out of a result of a relationship with God through Christ, we should be compelled to serve and give of our means to those in the world that are marginalized and oppressed.

We currently have 325 children in our program 25 of those need sponsors today. If you are interesting in partnering with ServLife to change the life of a child please contact us. In the email specify weather you would like to sponsor a girl or a boy. Sponsoring a child costs $30 a month, but the cost is only one part of the relationship you can build with the child. We also ask that you pray for your child on a regular basis and we have made it possible for you and your child to send letters to each other twice a year. Once you contact us, making us aware of your interest in sponsoring a child, we will send you a packet containing:  a magnet with your child’s information, frequently asked questions about the sponsorship program, the sponsorship form, letter writing guidelines, and a ServLife 1000 brochure.

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