Meet Bhakta Bhadur Rai, Ministering on the Frontlines of Nepal

Bhakta Bahadur Rai came from an animistic family who worshiped the spirits of dead forefathers. He lost all credibility and respect from his society due to his alcoholism. He was hopeless and wanted to end his life several times. One day, somebody was distributing New Testament Bibles. He grabbed the Bible, brought it home, and began to read it. The word of God touched his heart, and he began to look for a church where he could learn more about the Bible. In 2002, he met with Pastor Nardhoj Thulung who shared the Gospel to him and that very day, he received Christ as his Lord and Savior. From there, Bhakta attended and graduated from the ServLife Training Institute in May 2007, and has returned to his home village to plant a church.

Please pray for:

-Protection for him and his family as they bring the Gospel to their village.
-That God would bless their ministry and that it would bear fruit.
-That people in his village would encounter the living Christ.

Bhakta is in need of sponsorship and for $25/month you can help empower him to do his ministry and make an eternal impact. Click here to sponsor Bhakta Bahadur Rai.

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