DSC05315Two years ago in far west Nepal, Pastor Madan walked into a friend’s home to share the hope of Christ with several men. Madan was fresh out of ServLife’s Pastor Training Program and had dreams of spiritual renewal in his village. But as he communicated the life-altering message of Christ, he did not see signs of renewal. He saw anger. The men grew increasingly furious at the prospect of following Jesus. Madan was quickly run out of the house. But as he left, he shared one final thought. “God loves you, and someday, you’ll receive Christ as your Savior.”

About a month later, his friend’s mother fell seriously ill. The family exhausted every option in hopes of saving the mother’s life. When all else failed, there was one final option: call Pastor Madan for prayer. Madan arrived, shared about the redeeming power of Christ and prayed for his friend’s mother. God answered Madan’s prayer and his friend’s mother was healed.

His once hostile friend was amazed. He soon brought several other sick village members for prayer. As Pastor Madan prayed over them, God again answered his prayers and the men were healed. By the time the ordeal had ended, a crowd had gathered. Madan quickly pointed out the power behind the healing: the good news of Christ. Ten village members began following Christ that day, including his once embittered friend.

Since then, over 80 people have come to Christ in Madan’s region. The spiritual renewal he envisioned has taken hold. He still encounters hostility, including being threatened with knives and rods by angry mobs. Additionally, the caste system and crippling poverty are ripping apart the communities in which he works. Despite the challenges, he knows God will continue to move. In the next three years, he hopes to see 500 people come to Christ and start ten new churches with 20 committed leaders. This goal may seem lofty, but one thing is clear from Pastor Madan’s ministry: God is hearing his prayers and changing lives.

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