Local ServLife worker saves girls from a life of Prostitution

Vinay John is a ServLife missionary and church planter in India who rescued Seema and Rebecca from entering into a life postilion as their mother is in. The 477488922.jpggrandmother of the three children is a Christian and goes to Calvary Parouisia Church (The name of ServLife churches in India). One day after church, she shared with Vinay about the danger that her grandchildren were in but did not know what to do. Vinay knew he must do something and was able to rescue the children and take them to the Arunoday-Black children’s home ran by ServLife in north India after the mother agreed to give them up. Vinay John was trained by ServLife in the one year training school for local church planters and native missionaries. He graduated in 2005 to return to his home town in Tatangar, India. Vinay and his wife, Megha, have two infant sons who are paralyzed. Vinay became a Christian in 1998. Currently,five families attend his church that he started in his home. His family resists him, especially his brothers. Vinay says, ” I long to serve the Lord and share the gospel with my own people despite my own family being against me.” Please pray for Vinay and his family and ministry.454567756654.jpg Seema, Rebecca, and Samuel look like normal children in India but their story is far from normal. All three siblings have the same mother but they all have different fathers whom they do not know. All the children were conceived out their mother’s vocation. Their mother is a prostitute in a small and poor village in the state of Jaharkhand in India. The mother was about to bring her two daughters into prostitution. Thanks to a ServLife missionary, they have been taken to our children’s home in north India where they are getting an education and love. Seema is ten and Rebecca is eight.

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