Listen and Serve May 2012 Newsletter

St. Benedict admonished believers to “incline the ear of thy heart” to our loving Father.

As I joined my daughter’s class on a field trip to St. Meinrad’s monastery, I was

reminded of the disciplined practices of Benedictine monks. Their rhythm of life

is built primarily around listening and serving, which are the chief teachings of

St. Benedict. It made me consider how quick I am to act and how slow I am to

listen. Then the Holy Spirit convicted me of this reality. That hurt. But it was and is

necessary for me to recalibrate and reorder my life around this principle of listening

first, then acting. Our actions must flow out of what God has spoken. Not just (but

including) His Word, but also through His Voice, the Holy Spirit. For the Spirit can

discern things we cannot, and we are in desperate need of God’s wisdom and

discernment on a daily basis. May we grow in our disciplined practice of listening to

God before we engage in God’s work.


“Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters! Let every person be quick to listen,

slow to speak, slow to anger.” – James 1:19 NET


Adam Nevins2
Adam Nevins



A few weeks ago one of our ServLife board members visited Sangita

children’s home in Chennai, India. The home was founded by Paul and

Grace Moses and is a place of amazing hospitality and love for

abandoned and orphaned children in central Chennai.

The ministry on the 12 acre compound continues to grow and thrive,

having added a playground for the children and developing new services

for widows and those in need. Our board member K.J. recalls, “before

lunch the children all gathered to sing a few songs and pray for the meal.

Several children shared their recently memorized Bible verses.”Sangita serves about 100 children

and 300 widows on a regular basis. Provisions are made for the widows including food, vitamins,

medicine, eyeglasses, and more. A few pilot micro-finance grant projects have also been developed.

By providing a grant for a sewing machine or goat, an entire family’s economic plight can be reversed.

“I left encouraged by what I saw at Sangita and challenged to do more,” reflects K.J. “The children

are loved and well cared for, and are learning truths for life about God and the Bible.”

Thank you for your partnership with ServLife and Sangita in serving God’s children.



You can read my trip update at



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