Picnic, Games, and Laughter for Children at ServLife Children in Nepal


Recently the children from ServLife’s Children’s Home in Kathmandu, Nepal, got to participate in a family picnic retreat along the banks of the Bagmati River, in Godawari, a town in the Lalitpur District of central Nepal. This picnic retreat coincided with the Tihar Festival, which is one of the widely celebrated festivals of the Nepalese people. The children had a great experience at the picnic retreat, and they were encouraged by the day’s activities.

To start the day, the children spent time in worship, through singing and prayer. From there, they then participated in a wide variety of games and activities including: balloon bursting, potato sack and jump rope races, dodge ball and egg toss competitions. After lunch and a time of rest, the children’s home staff and children spent time in prayer and then walked around the area. Some of the children had the opportunity to visit a believer’s house in the area and pray over of their son who was sick, which they really enjoyed.

Thanks to our children sponsors and people that support the ministry of ServLife, these children are given the chance to spend days like this, being kids and having fun, while at the same time learning about and experiencing the true life of love and hope that is found in a life in Christ. Read more, if you would like to learn about and get involved in our children’s sponsorship program, or make a donation online today to help ServLife provide more opportunities like this for the kids.

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