Jungle Boy

Before coming to the ServLife India children’s home, John was a jungle boy. His father had passed away and his mother re-married, abandoning John. Every day he was left to fend for himself in the forests around his village. He had to find his own food and protect himself from the jungle’s dangers. “We call him our Mowgli,” Children’s Home Manager, Camillus, tells us, “We hear a lot of stories from him… The dog was his best friend, and the monkeys were his friends, and he would spend all day in the jungle playing with them. The day when he came here he really looked like a jungle boy; he had this long hair and he was so dirty. I mean you could tell that he lived in the jungle.”

“I think he had not brushed his teeth since he was born!” Director Albert Das says, “And now you can see all his teeth are clean. He brushes every day and he has good etiquette.” A local pastor learned of John’s plight and rescued him, bringing him to the children’s home. He has been living in the ServLife Children’s Home in northern India for about two years now and is thriving alongside his new family. He’s energetic, mischievous and often hilarious, but most importantly he’s getting the food, love, and education he needs to build a bright future for himself and others.

Without support and intervention John may have spent a life without safety, nutrition, or love. But thanks to the support of the passionate people at the children’s home and the care of a sponsor, John is a transformed child and his life has hope for the future. “I look forward to him doing good,” Director Albert says, “not only for his own life, but for him to serve the Lord in the future, because that’s my passion.”

Children like John need your support, please visit our child sponsorship page to learn more about how you can help. All donations during October 2015 will be 100% MATCHED.

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  1. Joan Smith – Thank you Esther!You turned this day into snmhteiog really special for all of us. We will have these photos to reflect and cherish on always. Again, thank you for your beautiful work.The Smith family.January 18, 2012 4.07 PM

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