Jump In

WBLogoFinal“The timing is right.”

Many of us have found ourselves saying or thinking this after we’ve made a tough decision. We wanted to be patient, to make sure all the conditions were right before we committed. And sometimes the conditions are so undeniably ideal that we couldn’t help but jump in headfirst.

If you’ve ever considered partnering with ServLife through giving, we want to let you know, the timing is right.

For all of October, your investment makes a bigger impact than ever before. This month, your gift is automatically doubled, changing twice as many lives. And, for all of October, every cent that comes in will go straight to India and Nepal to spread the hope of Christ, heal the wounds of neglected children and give families a chance to break the chains of poverty.

100% matched. 100% overseas. Period.

God is transforming people, families and entire communities in India and Nepal. We’re so blessed to be a part of it. Will you join us? The timing is right. Jump in.

To double your impact and partner with ServLife, visit Servlife.org/October.  

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