20131025_0544_jadepierceMany of the children in ServLife homes experience hardships no child should have to face. Yet through love, support and education, many of these children turn tragic stories into ones filled with redemption and hope. Januka’s story is a perfect example.

Januka comes from an impoverished family in Nepal. While both of her parents are living, this has not translated to an easy life. Her parents were entrenched in poverty and unable to provide for their seven children. Left with no other options, Januka was sent to live with her older sister.

Unfortunately, her sister did not earn enough to care for Januka either. When she became concerned about finances, she sent Januka to do house work for local families. The experience proved tragic. Several of her employers abused her, both physically and emotionally. Her sister found out, but, because they needed the money, continued to send her into these dangerous and abusive homes.

The abuse became unbearable. Januka decided she was better off trying to fend for herself and ran away. She supported herself by working at construction sites, doing work no child should have to do.

The staff at ServLife’s Peace Loving Home soon heard of Januka’s situation and knew right away that they had to take her in. Now, she receives care and an education in a safe and loving environment. She no longer worries about fending for herself, fighting off abuse or her next meal. Her future is open and bright. When asked what she wants to do, her answer is simple – serve the Lord.

Want to invest in Januka’s life? She’s available for sponsorship. Visit our Child Sponsorship page to begin supporting her today. 


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