Investment Opportunities

ServLife 2019 Wish List

The opportunities to change the lives of children and empower families through our ministry are constantly growing. With growth comes the increased need for resources to manage that growth, and we would love for you to consider investing in these opportunities.

  • $26,000 will fund a staff of 7 to oversee all church planting work in Nepal
  • $24,000 (or $2,000/mo) will fund an orphanage for a year
  • $18,000 will fund the next annual pastors’ conference ($150/pastor)
  • $5,000 will fund the next teacher training conference in west Nepal
  • $2,500 will provide a motorcycle for overseas staff
  • $2,500 will launch the micro-finance program in a village with 6-8 families
  • $2,500 will fund the annual family conference
  • $2,500 will fund the annual youth conference
  • $2,400 will launch a new church
  • $2,000 will supply 20 pastors with bicycles or smart phones based on need
  • $1,500 will upgrade a staff members’ 5 year old laptop to a MacBook 12”
  • $800 will train a new pastor
  • $250 will provide a micro-loan to a family to increase their income
  • $300/mo will fund an international staff salary for a children’s ministry worker
  • $200 will fund a 27” computer monitor for the office
  • $200/mo will launch a new self sustaining church every year
  • $70/mo will train a new pastor every year
  • $38/mo will provide education for a child who’s family cannot afford it
  • $20/mo will provide a micro-loan to a new family every year

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Please consider a gift today to help with our wish list or monthly needs. You can donate online at or send a check. Thank you!

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