When God’s will intersects our obedience, the love of Jesus is shared and God’s kingdom expands. We first see this in God’s church in the book of Acts. They gather together to worship and pray for Pentecost and receive the Holy Spirit. They learn to live in generous community, experience challenges and hardship, and eventually scatter. But when they scatter, the church doesn’t dwindle. It grows. And when they reunite to catch up, they tell amazing stories about what God was doing through them. God, and them, together. They “reported everything that God had accomplished through their activity” (Acts 14:27) and “gave a full report of what God had accomplished through their activity” (Acts 15:4). God was the one orchestrating it all, making it happen and accomplishing great things. But he was doing it through the activity of flawed human beings like me and you. And God continues to act in this way.

The book of Acts is peppered with obedient leaders like Priscilla, Paul, Mary and Stephen. But there were many less famous Christians like Timon, Parmenas, Lydia and countless unnamed church members who took action to be obedient to the call of Jesus to share the love of God, make disciples and teach the way of heaven.

Thank you for following the example of Paul, Lydia and Timon by showing and sharing the love of Jesus. Your partnership with ServLife International has helped start churches and spread the Gospel in remote villages where people have never heard the name of Jesus. You have helped rescue orphans and send children to school. You have empowered families on the brink of extreme poverty through small business loans. God is expanding His kingdom, giving hope and ending generational poverty through your generosity and obedience.

May we continue to be obedient to God’s call and leading so He can accomplish His purposes through our activity.