Interns Serve and Share in Zimbabwe


Steve and Amy Nicholson, ServLife staff in South Africa, are happy to report on the positive involvement of three ServLife interns at the Musha Wevana Home for Children in Zimbabwe. Megan, Meredith, and Kristine, all returned to the States recently, and were able to share with ServLife about their experiences abroad.

“We worked with the kids every day, Monday through Friday,” Meredith explained, “The first month we spent at the home, playing with the children.”

Kristine adds, “Our main goal was to create a sustainable project, and in the end we created two projects – an after school arrangement and a chicken coop so the kids could have fresh eggs.”

Steve Nicholson says that the interns “did a great job building ServLife’s relationship with Family Praise Fellowship and their Musha Wevana home for orphaned and abandoned children.” He adds that “They were able to launch two new long-term projects within the home that will be locally led and continued into the future.”

When asked how the trip impacted their lives, Kristine replied that “the one big thing for me was my outlook on life, missions and the kingdom of God, just learning from the people of Zimbabwe and how they live their lives. Being with the children was incredible. Putting a face and a name on their poverty and injustice helped us to see they are not just orphans, they are children who have been orphaned or abandoned.”

“By the end we all felt as it if was our home,” Meredith said. “I think being there longer makes a huge difference.”

“The main thing for me was putting a face to a different part to the world,” Megan says, “Instead of just reading and hearing about sad situations, just realizing that these people are just regular people that you can get to know. We met so many people with such strong faith.”

With the interns arrival back in the States, Steve asks for prayer for “absorption of all they’ve learned and experienced, and for their re-entry into a very different culture.”

The work in Zimbabwe continues on, and Steve suggests to “continue praying for our friends who minister in Zimbabwe full-time – for the leadership of the local church, for the mothers and care-givers at Musha Wevana home for orphaned and abandoned children, and for the members of the church who continue supporting this ministry despite unimaginable hardships.”

When asked if they will return to Zimbabwe in the future, Meredith, Kristine, and Megan each reply, “Yes, definitely.”

Learn more about the work in Zimbabwe, and how to support ServLife’s work there.

(Posted: August 17, 2009)

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