Adam_HS_largeAs we celebrate Christmas this month, I am reminded of Jesus’ humble beginnings. Born in a barn to an unwed mother and laid down in an animal food trough, he was hardly ushered into the world like a king. As an adult he was homeless, had to borrow donkeys for getting around, and I imagine wore out countless pairs of sandals traveling from city to city. Jesus had a deep compassion for the poor and marginalized, and before leaving this world told his followers that “whatever you [do] for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you [do] for me.”

I could not even begin to comprehend extreme poverty until my first trip to India a decade ago. Having visited remote villages many times now, I still struggle to understand how someone can make a living on only a dollar or two a day. But there is hope and joy, and God’s light is breaking through the darkness. Your gifts and investments have gone so very far in India and Nepal. It is having an exponential impact and hundreds of children, villages and families are being supported, educated, empowered and loved.

Thank you for joining Jesus in his compassion for the poor and marginalized. Your support has grown the church, rescued children and empowered families facing extreme poverty. Your love and generosity is changing lives, and we are extremely grateful. Thank you.

May we become more and more like Jesus in humility, compassion, generosity, grace and love. May God continue to bless us and bless through us.

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