Bringing Hope to Gita, Single Mother in Nepal, through the ServLife Store

Gita is originally from the town of Bhaktapur outside of Kathmandu. She grew up in a Hindu family knowing nothing about Christ or Christianity. In Nepal, where the caste system is still very much a cultural reality (though not legally recognized), marriages are also often still arranged and women have little choice in who they marry. Gita fell in love, however, and though her parents would not accept him, she married the man of her choice, therefore earning rejection of her family.

That was seven years ago. Gita and her husband had two children, a daughter who is now 5 and a son who is 2 ½ years old. She and her husband had a difficult relationship, however, and he had another relationship outside their marriage. When she started attending a Christian church, it created even more tension. Through friends at church, Gita learned about one of ServLife’s partners, a fair trade company that employs single mothers and widows with children, and she got a job with the company. Shortly thereafter she made a personal decision to trust Christ with her life. Her husband’s antagonism increased after this and after some time, shortly before the birth of their second child, he left her. She has had no relationship with him in three years, and he is not helping support their family in any way.

If it were not for her job there and the supportive environment and programs that help with childcare and education, Gita would be in dire straits. But instead of the misery and isolation that so many single and abandoned young mothers in Nepal face, Gita is in a loving, nurturing environment and she is also rebuilding her relationship with her family, who cut ties after her marriage.

The products in the ServLife store are made by Gita and other talented artisans in the regions where ServLife works. Through the ServLife Store, you can purchase these products and directly support Gita and others like her that are working to escape extreme poverty and trafficking. Visit the ServLife Store and engage in an act of justice today!

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