“How To Help Your Pastor” 101

Border-01The story is told in the book of Exodus of Aaron and Hur standing beside Moses and lifting his arms so that the Israelites would be victorious. In that same way pastors need faithful helpers to come alongside and join them in their mission. Nowhere is this more crucial than in the remote villages of Nepal where pastors face great challenges when sharing the Gospel.

Pastors trained by ServLife need lay leaders in their villages to partner with them in growing the church. To meet this need the training school run by our ServLife partners launched a one month training course entitled, “How to Help Your Pastor.”

This past Spring eighteen enthusiastic men and women arrived in Kathmandu from all over Nepal. Their goal was to become Aaron and Hur for their pastors equipped to bring the victorious message of Jesus to their home villages. Living at the training school for 30 days, these faithful believers studied evangelism, discipleship, Christian Ethics, and youth ministry. They worked through a survey course of the Old and New Testaments and learned to lead worship and prayer services.

Though some were relatively new believers, all were filled with a desire to help grow their church communities. Suman, a young man who accepted Christ just a year ago, exemplifies the group. Clearly gifted to lead worship, he stepped up to lead all the trainees in hymns and songs. Now back in their home villages, these lay leaders are full of fervor and excitement to support the pastors in growing their church communities.



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