Host a Home Party with ServLife Store Products

Ordering online from the ServLife Store is quick and efficient but there’s an even better way to share the experience of purchasing unique handmade gifts and helping others at the same time. It involves having a Home Party with products from the ServLife Store. Invite your friends and relatives over and show them the products first hand.

Lois Garrison, shares her story on her ServLife Store Home Party experience, and the new perspective it has brought her:

I have always loved going to product home parties. From kitchen gadgets to jewelry to makeup or wardrobe accessories- if there’s a party, I’m there! With the discovery of the ServLife International product line I have gained an entirely new perspective on the purpose that a home party like this can have. Because the ServLife product line presents items made by women struggling to pull themselves out of poverty I know my dollars are doing much more than adding material goods to my closet.

Having a product party in my own home was a wonderful experience. Not only did I get to invite all the friends and family I enjoy being with, but through the sales of the products, we were able to help, in a very real way, women who have so much less than we do. My friends were also surprised at the product selection and impressed with the quality. Sort of like a traveling export boutique coming right into your own living room.

There’s lots of talk these days about the global economy. Through purchasing ServLife Store items, this gives each of us a more direct link to impacting the global economy in a positive way and allows us to actually buy a handmade item while helping someone in need who lives across the world. My friends also commented on how this allowed them to be involved in missions work. It’s not the way we normally think of missions, through monthly support of a missionary, but it is a very real and practical way to be involved in spreading the love of Jesus to other parts of the world.

Won’t you please consider having your own home party? I have, and I’ve learned that purchasing with a purpose really does make a world of difference.”

How do you do host a Home Show party? Download the Instructions Here

Read stories of women in Nepal who are being helped directly by the purchasing of ServLife Store items:

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