Hope Fund Launching in Nepal in 2008


Our response to global hunger and poverty is the ServLife Hope Fund. The ServLife Hope Fund is our micro-enterprise initiative for the unemployed and under-employed of the world who suffer from hunger and malnutrition. We believe that the ServLife Hope Fund is the most strategic way to help people escape the poverty. The Hope Fund is a revolving loan in a community that continues to help new applicants get out of poverty as the loans are paid back.

ServLife has implemented the Hope Fund in southern Thailand following the devastating Tsunami in 2004 and 40 loans were given from the fund to members of the community to start businesses. A management team was created from people within the community to oversee the program. ServLife has also aided in economic development in Sudan and have partnered with local churches to form microenterprise development groups among Sudanese Christian women to help them gain the skills and acquire the resources necessary to start small businesses to support their families and children, read more about ServLife’s rebuilding efforts in Sudan.

We always work to create relationships with the local church and community so that those who receive the loans know that the local church, no matter how small, is concerned for the community. We believe this opens doors and builds trust for sharing faith and relationship. Any donation to the ServLife Hope Fund makes a difference so please pray and consider giving financially to the Hope Fund in Nepal. Some businesses can be started for a mere $100-$200. As the Hope Fund grows, we desire to communicate with you the person you are helping. Please pray for this ministry.

Make A Donation to the ServLife Hope Fund in Nepal today!

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