History & Future

History: Joel Vestal started ServLife while a college student at Baylor University in the early 90s. The organization was born out of a relationship with an Indian friend to pioneer a ministry in north India. In 1996, ServLife began to evolve and grow as a result of Joel’s travels through the streets of Calcutta, the hospitals of Baghdad, the villages of southeast Africa, the jungles of Indonesia, war torn Sudan, the slums of Cairo, the deserts of Algeria, and oppressed Cuba. Through these regions, it was obvious that an army of indigenous leaders were eager to evangelize and empower their own people but lacked the training, encouragement, and support. ServLife seeks to be a catalyst in seeing emerging generations and churches embrace the call of Jesus Christ to make disciples of all nations and champion the rights of the poor and oppressed.

Future: ServLife’s vision is to build global community by creating mission communities (teams) among the most oppressed regions of the world to train leaders and multiply the church, rescue and care for children at risk, and end hunger though micro-enterprise initiatives.

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