Hear Latest ServLife Africa Podcast, The Real Zimbabwe -Three Interviews with Local Zimbabweans


Steven Nicholson, ServLife Staff based in South Africa, recently returned from Zimbabwe where he traveled to help support several of ServLife’s ongoing initiatives there. While in Zimbabwe, he had the opportunity to record the stories of three ordinary average Zimbabweans, each in their own words and own voice.

Hear them share about their struggles in Zimbabwe, where the real stories are being lived out in townships and neighborhoods and the people are suffering and unable to find food or medicine. These are the stories you won’t hear on the news and the voices that don’t get broadcast.

These 3 stories represent a broad cross section of Zimbabwe society, each with their own stories and own struggles:

  • Private elementary school teacher in Zimbabwe describes the challenges facing the education system in Zimbabwe.
  • A doctor in a public hospital working for the government health care system describes his personal struggles and the challenges faced in health care in Zimbabwe.
  • A woman in Zimbabwe that is working a low wage job, shares about her struggles of daily survival.

(Stay tuned for future ServLife Africa Podcasts from the Nicholsons.)

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