Healing The Broken

IMG_1798 copy 2Pastor Gyan has seen his congregation overcome a wide variety of obstacles during his time as pastor. Two years ago, Gyan followed his calling to plant a church in western Nepal and serve the people there. Equipped with his vision and his preparation from ServLife’s Pastor Training Program, Pastor Gyan set out to confront the problems facing his community.

As his church grew in attendance, Gyan saw his congregants face many challenges- from illness and the bondage of sin to interpersonal and social tensions. One of these involved a couple from his extended family that attended his church. The husband and wife had become estranged; they stopped attending church services and were living separately. This is a difficult situation in any area of the world, but it was particularly painful for Gyan and his relatives as Nepali culture highly values familial and marital harmony. Couples whose relationships are struggling will often withdraw from their communities rather than admit the shame of needing reconciliation.

Rather than let this discord be swept under a rug, Pastor Gyan recognized the need for healing in this couple’s lives. He was able to secure a meeting with the alienated couple. He spent time in prayer with them and says the Lord helped him to counsel and foster forgiveness between the couple. With God’s help, he was able to convince the couple to reconcile and forgive one another. They began living together once again and attending Pastor Gyan’s church regularly. He says they are now a great example to the community of practicing forgiveness and healing through Christ.

Pastor Gyan has seen God perform great healings in his ministry in the past few years, both bodily healings of disease and mental healings of broken relationships or the affliction of habitual sin. Nevertheless, Gyan believes there is further work God plans to do as he and his congregation attempt to combat these areas of brokenness, and he asks for prayer for their strength and perseverance. Brokenness saturates the world, but God’s healing is coming through faithful people like Pastor Gyan and his congregation.

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