Grateful for Family

IMG_5045Ten years ago, Sangita’s life was drastically different. Before coming to ServLife’s Nepal Children’s Home at age six, she had already experienced a lifetime of hardship. As an infant, her mother tragically passed away, leaving only her father to care for her. Sadly, her father had no interest in her well-being and refused to be a part of her life, leaving her abandoned and hopeless.

After several years, Sangita came to ServLife’s home at the age of six, along with her younger brother. This proved to be one of the most impactful events in her life. At first, she was shy and occasionally acted out. To her surprise, the staff responded to her with love. “They comforted me,” she reflects. “Then I started to have fun living with them and became a part of a family.”

In addition to love and care, Sangita received an education for the first time. Before coming to the home, education was always out of her grasp. She could not read or write and had little chance to escape a life of poverty. Now, in ninth grade, Sangita is thriving in school, and her dreams are within her reach.  “I want to study hard and reach the destination that God has for my life,” she says. She hopes to one day be an airline stewardess, but is open to anywhere God leads her. “If his plan is something else for me,” she says, “then I’m ready to follow that.”

In her time with ServLife, Sangita has encountered God in new ways. “I’ve got to know Jesus as my savior who really loves me even more then I can say,” she reflects. “I am happy to live here with many brothers and sisters, with a huge number of people whom God brought here for a great purpose.”

As Sangita reflects on the last ten years, she is grateful. Grateful for love. Grateful for an education. Grateful for a future. But she is most grateful for the one thing every child deserves: family. “I’m glad to live here,” she says, “and have a family.”

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