Gopal Brought to Faith in Christ through a Supernatural Event, Now Advancing God’s Kingdom in India


There is a church planting movement taking place in India, and the Lord has had plans for Gopal to participate in this advancement of His kingdom from an early age. The beginning of this plan was first revealed to Gopal through a healing miracle in his mother, when he first became a believer in Christ.

Gopal’s family were Hindu and when he was 12 years old his mother had a life threatening stomach tumor. As a last resort, when all other treatments had failed, his family took her to visit a Christian who lived outside of their village. The family was poor and had limited access to medical care. The Indian Christian shared of Jesus Christ and His power that can save and heal. Answered prayers of healing followed this meeting and his mother became well. Their entire family then came to Christ as a result of this miracle and demonstration of God’s power.

Once they became followers of Christ, the closest church was nearly two hours away, so they had to make this commute for a whole year, before his mother started a church in their home town. Almost 10 years later, Gopal sensed he needed to follow his mother’s example and courage and attended ServLife’s Training Institute in India, where he graduated and returned to his home village to work among the Hindu people and start a church, which has since grown to over 40 people.

The church planters and local mission workers that are trained through ServLife’s Training Institute in India are supported through our sponsorship program. Please pray and consider sponsoring one of these indigenous workers today. Your dollars go towards seeing the love and peace of Jesus Christ made known.

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