God’s Name Glorified

“We don’t have many churches in Nepal, and only a few people hear about the gospel, so that is why we need to train people.” Nepal Director Bekharaj is driven and passionate about church planting as leaders try to keep up with the rapid 10% annual growth of Christianity in Nepal. The goal is not just more churches, but sustainable, healthy growth of thriving churches. Bekharaj shares, “We need to build leaders so that the church will be strong, so that the church will be healthy.”

At the end of last year, ServLife’s Pastor Training School graduated fourteen students who have now returned to their remote villages to pastor their local church.“ServLife is providing the training to equip people in the word of God,” Bekharaj shares.

The training also includes a focus on evangelism, shepherding the congregation, discipleship, and vocational training. Each graduate is given a business grant to launch a side business so they are sustainable from the very beginning.

“Our desire is not to build our kingdom or ServLife’s kingdom,” Bekharaj exclaims.

“Our desire is building the kingdom of God. We want to see God’s name glorified in this earth.”