Forever Home

For orphans that have been moved around from family member to family member then to an orphanage, it’s hard to feel at home in any one place for long. Building this forever home will give each child an opportunity to settle in and have a home of their own. “We want to give the children a good space to live, eat and enjoy their lives.”

In Kathmandu, Nepal, Director Udaya, and the ServLife Children’s home have lived with the fear of being evicted because of their faith in Jesus and for that reason having to pay exorbitant rents. When another Christian ministry sold them this land for a fraction of the cost, that burden began to lift. 

In late 2019, Kevin Keiter and his volunteer team from Engineering Ministries International finished the blueprints for the forever home. They collaborated with Udaya and his family to create a plan for this home to be built. Kevin shared, “We worked to understand their mission and all the specific pieces that need to fit into this new children’s home so that they can be most effective in sharing Christ with the kids.” Since that time, Udaya and his staff have been working diligently on the land to prepare it for building. They have cleared excess brush and small trees, are digging a well, and have met with a local engineer to begin the next phase of the project. 

Once the local engineers finalize the blueprints, they will be able to hire contractors and break ground. Through many years of faithful prayer, ministry, and commitment to the children, Udaya, and his family have created an environment that is prepared for this home. God’s faithfulness is evident in the movement forward and the steps that have taken this from a dream to a plan and now to reality.

Your most generous donation can help us build the Forever Home and provide a permanent home for over 30 children. Give today to the FOR THE CHILDREN campaign.