Face to Face After Eight Years

Felicia had no idea when she committed eight years ago to be an educational sponsor for a girl in rural west Nepal that one morning she would prepare to teach a seminar on art in education and turn around to see Isha’s face.

“I was always intrigued by that part of the world,” Felicia says as she remembers making her decision to sponsor Isha. “There were four or five packets laying out on the table for kids who did not yet have sponsors. Isha’s face grabbed me. She had spunk and attitude. “’That girl deserves a chance,’ I said.”

Isha was only five years old at the time, and Felicia realized that she could sponsor Isha from the beginning of her school career. Twice a year, Felicia sent a letter with news, stickers, and photos. A few months later, Isha responded.

Although Isha, a Hindu, knew that her sponsor was Christian, she would sometimes ask Felicia for prayer requests. Rather than feeling conflicted, Felicia felt at peace. “I learned to honor her understanding of God even though it was different than mine.”

Eight years later, Felicia was training teachers on a ServLife trip in Tikapur, rural west Nepal. There, she finally got to meet the young lady she had been sponsoring for nearly a decade.

“Do you recognize this girl?” Udaya, ServLife’s children’s ministry Director, said with a knowing grin. In an instant all of the pictures she had seen for the last eight years raced through Felicia’s mind. I have loved you for so long and you have no idea how much I love you! Felicia thought as she hugged the somewhat shell-shocked thirteen year old in front of her.

Reflecting on her experience, she notes, “I have something that I can do for another living being. Why wouldn’t I do it — even for one that I never thought I would meet?”

Why wouldn’t you?

Almost a hundred girls in Nepal are awaiting sponsorships through the ServLife partnership. To sponsor one of them, follow this link.