Experience Child Sponsorship

I met the first child I sponsored through SeBhadra-01rvLife almost 10 years ago. Samson was the oldest boy in the orphanage and was “big brother” to all the other children. He would often stand at the gate to the building and keep watch in a protective fashion. His father had died when he was young, and his mother went to work breaking bricks. Their family of 6 was struggling to survive and his mother decided to do what no mother should have to do. She went to her oldest son and told him that, at 10 years old, he was on his own. Fending for himself on the streets of India, Samson met a pastor and was brought to the children’s home where he has received education, care and love. Today, he mentors the other children, is finishing high school, and is considering entering the training school to become a pastor. He is quiet, faithful, loyal, and is becoming a strong young man following the path of Jesus.

The second child I sponsored lives in a remote village in West Nepal. Bhadra is 8, the same age as my son, and when I saw her playing in a Spiderman t-shirt, I just knew that she was my child. She is full of joy and rarely stifles her contagious smile. But she did not always smile like this. Her father died from jaundice and her mother was killed in an accident. Scared and alone by age 5, Samson-01she was brought to the children’s home where she has rediscovered joy and love.

There are so many children like Samson and Bhadra in India and Nepal that need help. ServLife is currently serving 300 children, and we hope to add another 100 in the next year. We cannot do this without your help. We cannot do this without sponsorship.

Over 20 million children in India and Nepal have been orphaned from violence, landslides, poverty and medical challenges. Children are under-valued and orphans often are left on the street without protection and care, susceptible to starvation, diseases, and predators looking for sex slaves or forced laborers.

Almost 200 million children in India and Nepal lack access to a good education. Often in remote villages, half the children or more cannot afford to go to school. Most of these children are born into generational poverty due to slavery, the caste system and lack of opportunity. Education is a critical tool for breaking this cycle of poverty, but it is out of reach for the majority of those who desperately need it.

Through strategic partnerships with a few select schools, ServLife is sending hundreds of children to school that would otherwise not be able to afford it. We are also providing ongoing training for these teachers as they invest in the children.

In Addition, Our 5 orphanages care for over 100 children; providing house parents, support caregivers, clothes, food, education and love. This care brings restoration and hope, along with introducing a bright new future.

Lokesh, age 16, shares, “Here I had started my studies from 1st grade. I made many friends and I started to know the importance of education, through which I gained maturity. This is a new life to me; a new beginning too. From then I had started to grow physically and spiritually.”

Sponsoring a child can give you the opportunity to invest in the life of a child and provide education, care and love that would not otherwise be possible. Please consider sponsoring a child through ServLife for $35/mo, and help invest in children like Samson, Bhadra and Lokesh.

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